The FLY project is now online!

The FLY website is now available! Please, visit and for any questions/comments/feedback feel free to contact us: For more information

FLY- Financial Literacy for you 2014/16

The goal of FLY is: • To increase the level of financial literacy of the European population • To raise the awareness of risks that comes with poor personal financial management. The main output of the project is to create an innovative E-learning course on financial literacy. It spreads information and knowledge on financial literacy and personal financial management. The content and ... Continua →


Attractiveness, Quality control and Accreditation of Placements in the green sector. Aquap Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of innovation Aquap is dedicated to traineeships in the green sector (animals, food production and – processing, nature and environment, ...Continua →

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